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This product is only sold through business partners. Please reach out if you would like to know where to purchase our products by calling 1800 653 317 or e-mail aucare@coloplast.com

Product description

The new alcohol free and durable Brava® Paste can help reduce leakage by filling creases and folds in the skin, thereby maintaining a tight fit between the stoma and your baseplate.

The alcohol-free formulation is skin-friendly, has a skin friendly pH-level and does not sting. The durable paste is resistant to breaking down or dissolving, thus protects the skin against output to avoidirritation of the skin.

Key benefits

The Brava® Paste does not contain alcohol, meaning that it will not sting the skin when applied.

The Brava® Paste is skin friendly as it protects the skin against output to avoid break down of the skin. It alsohas a skin friendly pH-level.