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Assura® irrigation set

Easy to use. Durable water bag with integrated thermometer, bold print and large opening is easy to use, and can be used with both one-piece and two-piece appliances.

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Product description

Irrigation creates security and freedom for people with a sigmoid colostomy, enabling a regular, controlled bowel movement.

The Alterna irrigation set is designed to provide the basic components necessary to perform simple and safe irrigation.
  • Easy to use system is secure and comfortable. Total time for irrigation is approximately 30 minutes
  • Water bag with built-in thermometer, a green light reading indicates correct water temperature
  • Paddle wheel that is integrated with the regulator, to give visual Alternance that water is entering the colon.

The set is supplied in a handy toilet bag and includes:

  • 1 water bag
  • 1 colo tip
  • 2 irrigation sleeves
  • 1 pressure plate (for a one-piece appliance)
  • 1 belt

After having performed the irrigation, an Alterna Minicap or Alterna Conseal Plug is recommended.

Irrigation should not be self-administered before you have been fully instructed by a doctor or nurse.

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